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Ihos Healing

Ihos (from the Greek word ήχος) translates to the word sound, which is recognised as the most powerful form of healing. The vibrations from the sound travel into our bodies, creating transformational change. Think about how sound creates patterns in water - now think how much of the human body is made up of water. In Sound Healing, the vibrations from the sound travel into our bodies, creating incredible outcomes. Read below to uncover the benefits and facts of Sound Healing.

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Benefits of Sound Healing

The list of benefits are endless as everyone has different experiences with Sound Healing. Listed below are the most common and most known benefits.

Image by Annie Spratt

Relaxes and clears

the mind

Image by Mathilde Langevin

Helps process grief

and trauma

Image by Elena Joland



Image by Patrick Langwallner

Reduces anxiety

and stress

Image by Bernard Hermant

Stimulates and improves immune system

Image by Annie Spratt

Increases work productivity and focus

Image by Annie Spratt

Facilitates emotional release

Image by Kendall Scott

Increases feelings of peace and happiness

Image by Susan Wilkinson

Helps sleep disorders

and insomnia

Facts of Sound Healing

Again, the list of facts are endless, but here are a few interesting ones...

Image by Agata Create

Everything is

a vibration

Image by

Our bodies are composed of at least 75% water

Image by Jasmin Ne

Sound Healing Day is on the 14th February

Image by Lucas MARULIER

Our voice is the most healing instrument

Image by Ruslan Bardash

Sound has the power to rearrange molecules

Image by Olga Thelavart

Intentions, visualisations and beliefs amplify the power of sound healing

Image by Jasmin Ne

Sound is a

sonic nutrient

Image by Storiès

"Ah" is one of the most powerful sounds

Image by Victoria Poveda

We are all unique

vibratory beings

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